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Re: refine of the GSOC project

Some updates.
After installing userland, the header files are updated. I made the mistake in
the last email because of timezone issues, but I am still wondering
why I cannot
install userland after rebooting into the new kernel.

2016-05-08 9:56 GMT-07:00 Charles Cui <>:
> Yes, I build tools locally first.
> Before reading this file, I switched to the old kernel
> and install userland and kernel simultaneously(no reboot).
> And the system told me it installed successfully.
> But by looking at the time of the file /usr/include/sys/unistd.h
> (where _SC_MAXTIMER exists)
> it is still not updated! I am wondering which step system header files
> are copied to
> the system path?
> 2016-05-08 9:48 GMT-07:00 Christos Zoulas <>:
>> On May 8,  9:37am, (Charles Cui) wrote:
>> -- Subject: Re: refine of the GSOC project
>> | Following is the error when I installed userland after a new kernel install,
>> | It told me /usr/obj/tooldir.NetBSD-7.99.29-i386/bin/nbpax  is required
>> | but not found.
>> | After run a grep, I found this file exists in my original kernel (the
>> | kernel used after a fresh install)
>> | under the path ./tooldir.NetBSD-6.0.4-i386/bin/nbpax, I do not know
>> | whether this is
>> | a bug worth to report or we can make a walk around by installing
>> | userland first, and then kernel.
>> Always install kernel first, then userland. Did you build tools locally
>> first?
>> christos

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