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Re: next steps for GSOC 2016

On May 2,  9:56pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: next steps for GSOC 2016

| Hi Christos and Martin,
|      I have set up my environments for development.
| I guess the next step is to start to be familiar with the code
| base of the POSIX test benchmarks and related kernel subsystems
| in NetBSD. I think a lot of problems will be found during this phase.
| Does this plan sound good? Let me know if you have new thoughts and suggestions.

For the community bonding period you should try to do as many of the following
as you can:

1 becoming familiar with the community practices and processes
2 participating on mailing lists/irc etc
3 setting up your development environment
4 participating in code reviews (point out omissions, improvements etc)
5 work with us to refine your project plan
6 read and update documentation needed to complete your project
7 report and or replicate bugs

I guess we've completed 3.


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