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Re: NetBSD GUI practice and experience

On 4/27/16 8:52 PM, Terry Moore wrote:
> I run NetBSD in a VM on my primary Windows laptop using VMware --
> works great. It's not "supported" by VMware, but I have very few
> problems. You could probably use VMware Player for a free solution. I
> have not tried VirtualBox. I only need 256M of RAM in the VM to do
> very large edit and compile sessions (but I am not doing kernel
> builds, so I can't comment on whether that would be enough memory for
> your work).

Running amd64 NetBSD 6 stable in a VMware Fusion VM on OS X, I needed
512 MB of RAM (with 512 MB of swap) in order to build the netbsd-6
stable branch kernel and userland.  I initially tried 256 MB of RAM
(with 256 MB of swap), but the kernel and userland build failed under
this configuration.



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