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Re: WSTOPPED in <sys/wait.h>

On Fri, Apr 01, 2016 at 10:12:09AM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
 > Currently, (if XOPEN_SOURCE or NETBSD_SOURCE) <sys/wait.h>
 > defines the symbol WSTOPPED as ...
 > [...]

That all seems wrong, yes...

 > ./external/bsd/libproc/dist/proc_bkpt.c:
 >         } else if (waitpid((proc_getpid(phdl), &status, WSTOPPED) == -1) {
 > which is using WSTOPPED as if it were a flag, akin to WNOHANG, WNOWAIT (etc).
 > That waitpid() call in proc_bkpt.c (about which I did not check to see if
 > it is actually used for anything on NetBSD - that one line is all I have seen
 > of the file) is effectively doing
 > 	waitpid(xxx, &status, WNOHANG|WUNTRACED|WALTSIG|WALLSIG|0160);
 > which I doubt is what it intends.

That will probably sorta-kinda work as intended because it contains
WUNTRACED, but it's definitely wrong.

Unless there's some other consideration I'm forgetting, 'delete' seems
like the right response.

David A. Holland

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