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Re: Google summer code 2016 project ideas

Thanks Christos for the input, I will follow your advices.

2016-03-02 7:50 GMT-08:00 Christos Zoulas <>:

> In article <
> Charles Cui  <> wrote:
> >-=-=-=-=-=-
> >
> >Hi Christos,
> >
> >    Thanks for your reply! Requiring kernel modifications is even
> >interesting to me.
> >I also have some experiences in improving kernel mechanisms like spin
> locks
> >and scheduling subsystem( in Linux and BSD system). It would be very
> >existing to see my code is merged into the main source tree. I have one
> >more question about the application of GSOC. What shall I do in this phase
> >to let the community believe that I have the ability to complete this
> >project (and increase the probability of being selected)? I know some
> >students may submit small fix to the target system. Actually, I can start
> >the coding in my spare time now if you want. (Dose it convince you guys?)
> You should start writing your application to GSoC. Also install NetBSD
> on something (so that you can test), and start participating in the
> discussions in the technical lists that have subjects that interest you.
> Best,
> christos

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