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inetd improvements [gsoc16]

targeted at christos mostly.

I saw the GSOC posting that inetd needs some love.

About me: I'm a student at the University of New Mexico. I'm not afraid to dig my hands into a codebase and fix things, add things or otherwise get work done. My projects have primarily been "Take this existing thing and fix this annoyance with it". I've gotten my hands into a variety of BSDs and *nixes (I even experimented with NetBSD back when I was using a Zaurus for a while). I maintain a tiny linux container to get used to small environments at < >

I have a (vaguely) self-serving reason to work on inetd: I use it. In several simple systems, I use NetBSD's inetd to serve simple shell-script based services.

I think the per-service configuration might be the first thing to handle, however. At the moment, the "best" way to implement adding configuration for rate-limiting and friends would be to hijack part of inetd.conf (probably adding options to proto, making config syntax something like "tcp4,limit=10,20" for 10 invocations in 20 seconds, and potentially to progname, meaning ssh,prefork=2 would keep 2 children waiting). On one hand, it's historically consistent: adding more options is a time-honored tradition. On the other hand, it's starting to show its age. Potentially making /etc/inetd/(service).conf or /etc/inetd.rc hold things is a better idea? I'd like to see what old UNIX admins with graying beards have to say.

On a process related note, I have a few questions:

* Where can I find a style guide? (Obviously, I want^H^H^H^H need to keep my contributions in KNF) * I'm not totally familiar with working outside pkgsrc -- Is there a wikipage on building the system bits of netbsd?
 * What sort of work has been done on inetd in the past?
 * What sort of plan does the NetBSD project have for the future?

I've noticed that a lot of tools in usr/sbin are kept in big, monolithic slabs. I understand this is because of historical reasons, but is there any plan to move ahead? Would inetd be a good place to start splitting up these hulking 2k sloc behemoths?

Morgan Gangwere      <>
www: twitter; @indrora (also GH)

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