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Re: Google summer code 2016 project ideas

In article <>,
Charles Cui  <> wrote:
>Hi Christos,
>    This is Charles Cui from Tsinghua University, China. I am pretty
>interested in
>the ideas listed in GSOC 2016 page on NetBSD, especially the idea "Get the
>open source POSIX test suite working on NetBSD". For my PhD program in
>Tsinghua University, I focus on operating system scalability and
>performance on multicore processors. One of my jobs is to design the
>benchmark suite to stress kinds of operating system interfaces from user
>level and analyze performance. Actually, I have done some work like this
>and I believe that I have the confidence and ability to do this well.
>Besides, I speak fluent English and I am full available during the whole
>summer. I am wondering whether I can join this project and work with you
>In case the project is allocated to other people, I am also free to pick
>other project in NetBSD.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your interest in the project. You are the first to apply for
it. This is an interesting project because it is not as easy as it sounds
since it involves also adding missing functionality in the kernel (for
example the realtime signal facility which has interesting performance
implications and requires careful design to do proper resource management). 
It also touches many different areas... Feel free to apply and I hope that
you get selected.


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