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Re: Two improvements to etcupdate(8)

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

>> After some reflexion your case is different, etcupdate(8) is more
>> oriented towards an admin that updates the system rather than the dev
>> that updates etc/ because the OS evolved.
> I don't get the difference between the two.
> But in fact, my case is different: I have a (self-written) management 
> system that takes care of most of the configuration files.
> Now on the one hand, after an OS update, for technical reasons, for some of 
> those (syslog.conf, newsyslog.conf, ...), it needs the pristine OS files 
> installed before runnig while for most, it doesn't.
> On the other hand, it doesn't manage some ``dangerous'' files (master.passwd, 
> group, rc), I take care of those manually and want to make sure I don't 
> accidently overwrite them on an interactive etcupdate run.

etcmanage handles this, sort of, by only updating files if they have
been unmodified since the last automatic install/update.  For large
installations where I want different contents for some config file, I
change it in the sources and build, so that all my machines have my
flavor but do not have "locally-modified config files".

Also, etcmanage leaves the pristine upstream files in /usr/netbsd-etc,
literally the unpacking of the etc/xetc tarballs, so your homegrown
config system could use them from there (as read only).

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