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NetBSD volunteering (WiFi browser, NPF Web UI)

Hello everybody,

I've been using NetBSD on and off for 12 years now (whenever I take a
break from Linux) and thought may be it was about time to do some
volunteer work for the project. Even though I'm not directly a
professional programmer, I've got some scientific background and
programming is far from being strange to me (as you might expect from
someone using NetBSD).

But I simply don't know where to begin. I've had a look at the list of
NetBSD projects at the official website and picked up two that caught
my interest (as those were something I had already thought about on my

1. WiFi browser
Create an easy to use wifi setup widget for NetBSD: browse and select
networks in the vicinity by SSID, BSSID, channel, etc.

2. Web UI for NPF
NPF is a packet filter for the NetBSD system. The goal of this project
is to create a web-based user interface for NetBSD + NPF as a firewall

This mailing list was mentioned for reference, so I'm writing here. In
case either project is unfinished, I could assist with developing,
testing and other helpful things in my free time. If these projects
are closed I'm open to any good advice on which other project I could
contribute to instead (you can also mail me off the list).

All the best,


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