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Re: Small tip proposal for headless systems boot resiliency

In article <>,
David Holland  <> wrote:
>On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 07:24:40PM +0100, M wrote:
> > Regarding filesystem issues, it seems fair to use rc.conf settings
> > and some scripting rather than modifying fstab (it may be read and
> > parsed by others). And it may help recovering for most common boot
> > issues.
>Adding something to the options column of fstab (akin to the existing
>"noauto") should not cause a problem in this regard, and it makes more
>sense to put this setting there than tucked away somewhere else.

Absolutely, what people are asking for is to change:

        fs_spec fs_file fs_vfstype fs_mntops fs_freq fs_passno


        fs_spec fs_file fs_vfstype fs_mntops fs_fsckops fs_freq fs_passno

This could be implemented without too much hassle in many different ways.
A hacky way would be to use a separator such as : to split between the
mount and fsck options in fs_mntops and have both in the same string.

Since fs_freq and fs_passno are just integers, we can detect old and
new fstab files so we don't have to put fs_fsckops last.


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