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Re: Small tip proposal for headless systems boot resiliency

On Tue, 31 Dec 2013, Robert Elz wrote:
My basic strategy would be to enhance fstab in some yet to be determined way
to indicate which filesystems were optional, them simply ignore (without
mounting obviously) any optional filesystem that has a problem (or whose
parent filesystem could not be mounted) and only abort the boot if a
non-optional filesystem failed to check & mount.   Since in my case my
non-optional filesystems are (in practice) all remarkably stable (as in
nothing much important normally changes on them - the only significant
changes are the newsyslog updates, and for me, they don't often do anything,
so they are unlikely to have fsck problems) this would allow the system to
get up and running in situations where now it stops and waits for

from /etc/defaults/rc.conf:

        # Filesystems to mount early in boot-up.
        # Note that `/var' is needed in $critical_filesystems_local (or
        # implied as part of `/') as certain services that need /var (such as
        # dhclient) may be needed to get the network operational enough to mount
        # the $critical_filesystems_remote.  Prepending "OPTIONAL:"  means it
        # will not be an error if that file system is not present in fstab(5).

Maybe that can serve as starting point...

 - Hubert

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