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Re: A Library for Converting Data to and from C Structs for Lua

On 20 Nov 2013 08:38, "Marc Balmer" <> wrote:
> > Now we need a name that covers both uses cases.  It could be "memory"
> > because it deals with memory, or just "data", which I favour.
> >
> > Opinions on the name?
> Since no one replied, it will go by the name 'data' and be available for
> "both" Luas.
> @lneto: I will start with the pack/unpack parts, you can then add your
> stuff whenever you want, ok?

I don't have opinions on the name but I do have a set of feature
requirements. I am currently using luaffi which needs some work to remove
the non portable parts, but that's not far off. Happy to switch but I do
need access to struct members like tables, nested structs, unions, casts,
metatables for structs. If there was an outline design doc that would be

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