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Re: A Library for Converting Data to and from C Structs for Lua

Am 18.11.13 09:07, schrieb Marc Balmer:
> Am 17.11.13 13:05, schrieb Marc Balmer:
>> I came accross a small library for converting data to an from C structs
>> for Lua, written by Roberto Ierusalimschy:
>> I plan to import it and to make it available to both lua(1) and lua(4)
>> as follows:
>> The source code will be imported into
>> ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/sys/external/mit/struct unaltered and then be modified
>> to compile on NetBSD.
>> Then ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/sys/module/luastruct/ and
>> ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/lib/lua/struct/ directories will be added with the
>> respective Makefiles etc.
> After discussion we lneto@ and others we realised that there are several
> such libraries around, and that I as well as lneto@ wrote one.  SO we
> decided to merge our works and have a library that allows to
> encode/decode structured binary data in one call (my work) and that
> allows to access individual fields as well (lneto@'s work).
> Now we need a name that covers both uses cases.  It could be "memory"
> because it deals with memory, or just "data", which I favour.
> Opinions on the name?

Since no one replied, it will go by the name 'data' and be available for
"both" Luas.

@lneto: I will start with the pack/unpack parts, you can then add your
stuff whenever you want, ok?

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