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Re: sysinst with Lua support

Am 03.11.13 17:17, schrieb Izumi Tsutsui:
>> For such ports, could sysinst be put on an extra floppy?  I.e. the
>> bootable floppy would would, after booting, output something like "put
>> floppy B in drive A.  Press any key to continue.",
> Well, size restrictions on poor ports are always annoying
> and "loading filesystem after mountroot" requires more thoughts.
> (lua is not first thing)
> Preparing an option that disable Lua support could be an easier
> temporary workaround during transision, and maintainers might
> be able to consider how to handle lua (split floppies etc.)
> until the next release.

This will not really work, since the goal is to replace functionally
currently written in C with functionality written in Lua.

I admit I have not yet a solution for this problem.

Maybe leave sysinst untouched and start a new program (based on sysinst)
in /usr/sbin (NetInstall?), then switch those ports that can handle it
over to the new installer?  Not really what I had in mind, and not
really ideal as well, since then the two will diverge and ports using
the "old" sysinst will eventually be left behind.

BTW, also one tier-I port is affected, hpcarm can not build the
miniroot, since it does not link to liblua, and I did not yet find where
it takes the list of libraries from that are linked with the crunched
binary (need to add -llua -lm there).  Adding "LIBS -llua" in
dirstrib/hpcarm/miniroot/list does not help, because the link order is
then wrong (... -lm ... -llua instead of the other way round).

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