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Re: sysinst with Lua support

>>>  - how flexible with lua (i.e. what was so annoying with past menuc/msgc)
>> The message system as is not very flexible, to say the least.  And when
>> you provide e.g. a site specific install script, you also want to have
>> the messages in this.  With Lua, it is very flexible.
> What messages/menus are converted to use lua in your current patch?

None.  It is still possible to run sysinst "the old way".

> (english.lua has only "hello" messages in current msg.mi.en file?)
> It would be grate if we have more examples that have menu items.

english.lua and german.lua are used by installer.lua/sysinst.lua to
serve as an example for the message catalog system in Lua.

I slightly updated the diff again, fixing a few missing lists:

Please note that this diff breaks the 'atari' release build, exactly for
the reason that the install floppy grows to big with Lua.

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