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Having an integrated system update mechanism


for GSoC, I wrote two scripts: sysupdate(8) and sysbackup(8) for upgrading and
backing up a NetBSD system [1]. They resemble the function of
freebsd-update(8) from FreeBSD, you can fetch them from [3].
Anyway, there has been an alternative right from the beginning on, named
sysupgrade by jmmv [2] (which is also in pkgsrc/sysutils/sysupgrade), which
is already tested and in use.
So I'm asking for you to review my code (just watch out for [4]) and to
propose what should be changed, which one of these two should be taken or why
they are both unsuitable.

My arguments for sysupdate instead of sysupgrade are:
 * sysupdate can check whether updates are necessary at all
 * sysupdate can check what will be changed
 * sysupdate will check hashes and signatures
 * sysupdate resembles the use of freebsd-update(8) more closely
 * sysupdate can do backups with sysbackup

What I have to admit (I hope jmmv will jump in here):
 * sysupgrade is much simpler
 * sysupgrade has tests
 * sysupgrade is better tested

I could just push my own one to pkgrsc, but I think, NetBSD must have an
upgrade mechanism included, and I would like to import either of these two to

Regards, Julian

[4]: You will see the command `test $arg1 -fn $arg2`, which just does an
     fnmatch(2) of arg1 against arg2 and arg2 against arg1. The patch to
     test(1) is about adding 10 lines to test.c, or we could also create an
     additional binary achieving the same effect.

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