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Re: Not exporting MACHINE and MACHINE_ARCH from <machine/param.h>

There was a small discussion about MACHINE_ARCH names
for mips softfloat when emips was initially imported.
(emips 6.x is mipseb and released with MKSOFTFLOAT=yes binaries)

In that thread, there was a vague consensus that
MACHINE_ARCH should not refrect binary propertities
that could be switched by compiler options,
as we didn't care about -m486/586/686 options:

Nowadays NetBSD doesn't have enough man power to make
large changes around such basic macros, so I have a feeling
that it would be much easier to add a new sysctl which
returns a property like hf/sf (and prepare dynamic
variables that correspond to MKSOFTFLOAT for toolchain),
so that we can keep current MACHINE_ARCH definitions and
most hardfloat only architecture won't have to do anything
for various 3rd party applications even after this sf vs hf issue.

Note we can remove MACHINE for userland safely since
it doesn't have actual MACHINE names on most ports:

Izumi Tsutsui

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