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Re: GPIB library available on NetBSD

On Mon, Mar 04, 2013 at 09:40:49PM -0500, Jacques Pelletier wrote:
> Supposing that my GPIB card is already supported, then how do we use cec?
> Is it a module that should be loaded? If so, how do we make it load
> at boot timei

As Hauke has already suggested the GPIB support is thin to nonexistent
- what is there appears to be basically what is necessary to support
some of the more oddball architectures.  Frankly this is one of
those areas I go to Linux or Windows for.  The NI API is the closest
you are going to get to a "standard" API which is what the Linux
GPIB package seeks to emulate but there is certainly nothing like
that for NetBSD.  

I did briefly consider what would be involved in knocking something
up a few months ago but putit it to one side when I figured even
determining that would be a solid afternoon's work.  In large part
it depends on how much of the intelligence is in the Linux libraries
and how much is in the driver itself - i.e. a "thin" driver and
"fat" library or vice versa.  I have't pulled apart the code in
question but the Linux tendency seems to be to wedge as much as
possible in the kernel which would limit what could be copied
across vs what needs to be reimplemented.

Andrew Smallshaw

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