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Re: GPIB library available on NetBSD

At 21:40 Uhr -0500 4.3.2013, Jacques Pelletier wrote:
>> That would be cec(4), then (if it's an ISA card), included in the i386
>> ALL kernel configuration. Add the relevant lines to a copy of GENERIC,
>> build a kernel, boot, and see if the card shows up.
>Supposing that my GPIB card is already supported, then how do we use cec?

Good question... gpib(4) binds to cec(4), but its man page does not look
too encouraging.

>Is it a module that should be loaded? If so, how do we make it load at
>boot time?

You configure it into the kernel. It might be modularized, but I wouldn't know.

>Is it a library? If so, what would be the include file to put in my C

In the end, you'd need a userland library that interfaces with the kernel
to communicate via gpib, and is itself used by applications. ISTR that
there used to be a linux oriented project for control and measuring
applications via gpib - it may be reusable via a shim layer.

As it is, though, what gpib support NetBSD has seems mostly targeted
towards hp-ib  devices. I don't know how far away it is from exchanging
strings with devices on the gpi-bus.

>I'm rather a newbie in the NetBSD world, so a detailled answer would be
>appreciated very much!


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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