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Re: CVS commit: src/usr.bin/mail (Christos Zoulas) wrote:
 |On Mar 7,  7:15pm, (Steffen "Daode" Nurpmeso) 
 |-- Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/usr.bin/mail
 || Not at all;  so it's a plain improvement of the codebase.
 || How about caching the result, just as S-nail does; i think with
 || your change you fork a shell subprocess for each and every
 || getfold() now?
 |Yes, that sucks. But how did it work before? I guess I will have to
 |revert the patch and figure it out.

I'll look into it and send a patch if you like -- i like the idea
as such myself, and in fact i (still) often do 'set folder=~ ..'
and then realize the special treatment of this variable, and this
hurts since unfortunately there is neither history nor
tab-completion support...

 || I am the opinion that users should use paths in their native
 || language when they want to, and this may look odd with Mail(1)
 |I agree with you but it needs to be done correctly otherwise we are
 |going to end up with a mess that will be impossible to cleanup.

I still don't know what do you mean by that; doesn't Mail(1) use
iconv(3) etc. already?  I.e., if CHARSET_SUPPORT is set.
The only other solution i can think of regarding multibyte safety
is a forward search, which should address even those multibyte
encodings that use clearly identifiable sequence starts.



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