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Re: CVS commit: src/usr.bin/mail

On Mar 7,  7:15pm, (Steffen "Daode" Nurpmeso) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/usr.bin/mail

| Not at all;  so it's a plain improvement of the codebase.
| How about caching the result, just as S-nail does; i think with
| your change you fork a shell subprocess for each and every
| getfold() now?

Yes, that sucks. But how did it work before? I guess I will have to
revert the patch and figure it out.

|  |>however; Mail(1) (and POSIX) yet don't document expansion, but
|  |>only state
|  |>
|  |>  If this name begins with a `/', mail considers it to be an
|  |>  absolute pathname; otherwise, the folder directory is found
|  |>  relative to your home directory.
|  |
|  |Yes, but this worked and broke after your changes.
| No no no no, we both know that you are going recursive:
|   :set folder=+
|   :fi
| I'm just a dust-dry German from somewhere in the industrial
| estate, but how happily i would twitter like a canary ...
| Hah!  Hey Mister, your recent commit just broke software!
| But i have a gut feeling .. and know some birds that sound much
| sweeter than that, in addition :)

No worries.

| The messed up patch happened just because i first wanted to use
| mbtowc() before i realized that mblen(3) exists and is declared in
| stdlib.h; sorry, sorry.  I hate this entire interface (and it's
| not really working, since it cannot handle character sequences as
| opposed to character codepoints anyway), and just never used it
| myself.
| I am the opinion that users should use paths in their native
| language when they want to, and this may look odd with Mail(1)
| without this patch.  And it must start somewhere.
| And true: the patch also cleans up the code flo.

I agree with you but it needs to be done correctly otherwise we are
going to end up with a mess that will be impossible to cleanup.


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