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Re: bin/47597: local and $() don't play well with each other

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 10:31:03PM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
> If that were true, it might make sense (though section 2.14 would be a
> weird place to put it ... though perhaps not weirder than some other stuff
> that they have).

Actually, the problem is with one word: utility. My interpretation is
that "utility" covers whatever command in whatever form; hence covers
too, functions. I did not find a definition of utility, but the
following (from 2.9.1, Command Search and Execution):

        If the implementation has provided a standard utility in
        the form of a function, it shall not be recognized at this


        If the system has implemented the utility as a regular
        built-in or as a shell function, it shall be invoked at
        this point in the path search.

leads me to think that an utility is whatever distinct from the form it
is implemented.

I hope it is so because, if it is not, this means that the behavior is
dependent upon the way an utility is implemented: if it is not an
external executable, but a function, if will not behave the same way.
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