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Re: [PATCH] libpthread NOLOAD removal

  Hello, (Emmanuel Dreyfus) writes:

> Here is my llatest patch for libpthread NOLOAD removal. It implements
> minimal mutex, condvar and rwlock operations in libc thread stubs, so
> that theses objects can be handled by both libc and libpthread after
> libpthread has been loaded by dlopen.
> Performance hit has been evaluated: it is not significant for running
> NetBSD's On a billion calls to gmtime(), I get a 1%
> performance hit.

I'm sorry to intervene, but am I the only person who thinks that running isn't correct way to test performance hit here? generates "visible" pressure on I/O subsystem that may trump
all effects of mutex introduction. I hope we do agree that NetBSD is not
meant to run exclusively.


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