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crunchgen and nvi?


i woudl like to crunchgen nvi, but I do not get much success. Here is the
crunchgen file:

$ cat > test.conf << EOT
srcdirs /home6/tmp/soecons/netbsd-src/usr.bin 
progs  nvi
libs  -lc -lcurses -lterminfo
$ crunchgen -D /home6/tmp/soecons/netbsd-src test.conf 
Run "make -f objs exe" to build crunched binary.
$ make -f objs exe
mkdir nvi
( cd nvi; printf '.PATH: /home6/tmp/soecons/netbsd-src/usr.bin/nvi\n.CURDIR:= 
/home6/tmp/soecons/netbsd-src/usr.bin/nvi\n.include "${.CURDIR}/Makefile"\n' | 
make -f- CRUNCHEDPROG=1 DBG="-Os" LDSTATIC="-static" depend )
depend ===> catalog
depend ===> build
make: don't know how to make options.awk. Stop

Is this a problem with the configuration given to crunchgen, or is the
goal impossible to achieve with current NetBSD sources? 

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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