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Re: Should we use _malloc_prefork and _malloc_postfork?

Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

> And it is therefore useless for non-pthread-using (which is not the
> same as non-threaded) programs.

I do not often encounter programs using other kinds of threads.  Is
there any significant number of them?

> Did you read my first paragraph?  It pointed out that there is a
> problem as soon as some other library wants to do something for fork().
> This is not a threading-specific issue, in general; only this
> particular instance of it is threading-specific.

Yes, and I didn't mean to argue with your notion that wrapping fork was

The current issue can be resolved without wrapping fork, and just adding
pthread_atfork calls (in a way which does not expose that to the user).
If there is later some grand wrapping scheme, the implementation could
certainly change.  But in general I try to avoid coupling things that
don't need to be coupled.

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