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Re: fsck SIGINFO

   Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 17:11:33 +0100
   From: Edgar Fuß <>

   Has fsck recently lost it's ability to respond to SIGINFO, at least in the 
   early phases?
   I had to fsck on Friday, and pressing ctrl-T on the console just yielded the
   default [fsck ... biowait] output while it must have been running phase 1.
   Later, I got an fsck-specific response in, as far as I remember, phase 4.
   This happened on two filesystems, so I suppose it's not just an accident.

Some churn about a decade ago caused fsck_ffs to print pass1 siginfo
messages to stdout, rather than to stderr like all the other passes
do.  I changed this yesterday; does that fix the misbehaviour you saw?

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