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Re: proplib and the jet age

On Tue, Jan 01, 2013 at 05:27:41PM +0000, Love H?rnquist ?strand wrote:
 > proplib inherits its use from property lists from NeXT Step, and
 > then the reincanitation of in OS X plist.


 > The data types matches up with the Foundation/CoreFoundation
 > runtime and makes perfect sense in that world.

If you say so; it still seems odd to me in a number of ways.

 > As you point out the XML representation is poor, that is why there
 > is an binary format too.

...which proplib, for some reason, intentionally does not support.

Anyway, I think I'm responding on too detailed a level and missing
your point.

 > As for data transfer, the OS X answer is XPC.

That is an RPC library, which is not what we're after here.

David A. Holland

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