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Re: Replacing bind by unbound

On 31/10/2012 10:02, Martin Husemann wrote:
What it can not do (easilay/apparently - I didn't dig too deep), which
I do with bind a lot, is serve a local view of a zone to the inside
net, that differs from the official outside view. It can be told to use
a different primary server for such a case though, which would have
meant for me to run nsd as well on a different port and have unbound
forward queries there - while with bind I can do this with a single

What do you think?

I second the import of unbound. I would also argue the need to import nsd as well. What I do is run nsd on my external addresses and unbound on my internal addresses instead of using different ports. My only grip is that neither product currently offers dynamic dns updates.



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