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Replacing bind by unbound

It seems the next major version of bind will not realy be suitable for
inclusion in the NetBSD base system any more, as it is rumoured to depend
on boost-libs.

We probably want to have a simple, recursing resolver daemon in base, but
we certainly do not need anything that is able to be a primary name server
(we have lots of options for those in pkgsrc).

One obvious candidate to replace bind is unbound (pkgsrc/net/unbound).

I haven't used it much, configuration is very different to bind, but it
looked good to me (and configuration different to bind is not realy a
negative point).

What it can not do (easilay/apparently - I didn't dig too deep), which
I do with bind a lot, is serve a local view of a zone to the inside
net, that differs from the official outside view. It can be told to use
a different primary server for such a case though, which would have
meant for me to run nsd as well on a different port and have unbound
forward queries there - while with bind I can do this with a single

What do you think?


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