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crash(8) version incompatibility after update

I have updated a mchine from 6.0_POST_RC1 to 6.0.0_PATCH from source, i.e.
I've done a -u -U release (with a 6.0_POST_RC1 obj tree) and installed
the resulting sets (and the kernel, of course).
Now I get
        Crash version 6.0_POST_RC1, image version 6.0.0_PATCH.
        WARNING: versions differ, you may not be able to examine this image.
        Output from a running system is unreliable.
when invoking crash(8) un the live system.

I suppose some parts of it have not been re-built as they should have been 
during the update.
As I seem to have had a similar problem with /etc/motd: how well is -u 
supported accross version bumps?

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