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locale patches for en_NZ.UTF-8

I finally got fed up with several pkgsrc packages defaulting to ASCII instead 
of UTF-8 because NetBSD doesn't have a UTF-8 locale for my location.

The patches are completely trivial and so my question is, is it too late to get 
them into NetBSD 6.0? The patches just make en_NZ.UTF-8 a copy of other locale 
information that already exists in the same way that en_NZ.ISO8859-15 is a copy 
of other locale information. I've tested it my running "make install" in 
src/share/locale, setting "LANG=en_NZ.UTF-8" and then running the PostgreSQL 
data creation tool and the Django database setup tool. Both those tools used to 
fail with UTF-8 and now neither of them fail. Not exactly extensive testing I 
know, but I'm feeling very goal focussed at the moment.


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