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Re: 16bit ctype table


> Well, advantage of keeping them as is would be to minimize the
> translation for the old ctype table.

no, no. we don't use old ctype table anymore.
LC_CTYPE database doesn't contain old ctype table info.

current implementation, _ctype_ table is generated from Rune + wctob,
please read carefuly src/lib/libc/locale/rune.c.
yes, it is too much cost, but workaround for following PR:

keep _CTYPE_* and _RUNETYPE_* is same layout is for reducing this runtime cost.

> One thing I do care about is
> that code using the old interface breaks when re-compiled.

that is why i scheduled this fix for libc major bump.

very truly yours.
Takehiko NOZAKI<>

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