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Re: "rcutil" - a script to monitor status of daemons started in rc.d


> Attached is a script that checks to see what daemons in rc.d have
> rcvar=YES, and then runs "/etc/rc.d/XXXX status" to see if the daemon
> is running.  I use this to "sanity check" a box, like after it's run
> out of swap and has randomly killed who-knows-what.  It can also be run
> out of cron or snmpd to test whether all the configured daemons on a box
> are running.
> Since the original version was released in 2005, it's been updated to
> do some extra parsing for cases where the rcvar name in the script is
> not the same as the filename (like "nfs_server" in rc.d/nfsd).
> The careful consistency and code re-use of the NetBSD rc.d system is
> what makes this utility possible.  
finally, as foretold, fscd is now available in pkgsrc: You can find it in

Regards, Julian

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