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Re: Proposal: Add option to add dates to write(1)

Julian Fagir <> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm using write(1) on machines where people are logged in for days, weeks,
> months, running a tmux, as well as their write-sessions.
> It's annoying to not know the date when somebody talked to you.
> What do you think about the attached patch (write.1 modification would
> follow)? It just adds a flag '-t', which prepends the messages being sent
> with a date (i.e., you and your communication partner have to agree on using
> that flag to have it useful to yourself).
> Regards, Julian

Hm, when you are using write, there is text before message:

Message from XXXX@XXXXXXX on pts/5 at 17:45 ...

Isn't it enough?


Daniel Horecki
BOFH since 1999.

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