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Re: Support for boolean queries in apropos


I have been following this discussion only cursory so this point may have 
already been discussed...

It seems to me, however, that creating an interface that is specific to and 
only suitable for apropos is a mistake. There are probably many other use 
cases where such an interface.

For instance, I frequently search source files using some combination of find 
and grep in order to discover where a particular function is 
defined/implemented/used. It also ties into indexing of user files using tools 
like virtuoso (used by the KDE desktop) and others. I do not know if command 
line tools exist these systems -- but if they do or when are created, they 
ought to behave similarly to the apropos interface.

Finally I note that tools such as find, egrep, test and probably others all 
incorporate rudimentary boolean syntax (albeit different ones).


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