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Re: termcap(5)

On Thu, 9 Feb 2012, Roy Marples wrote:

> > Implies there is a termcap file. (Is there?)
> No. Where is this implied?

Now removed, but it said ``The following entry, which describes the 
Concept\-100, is among the more complex entries in the .Nm file as of 
this writing.''

> rtadvd.conf(5) would imply that it should exist also, which it does not by
> default.
> How would you suggest resolving this?

Not sure what you mean. But maybe don't mention rtadvd.conf solely. 
Maybe mentions others like printcap(5) also.  (It also says "programs" 
but then example is a format and not the program itself.)

Also rtadvd.conf(5) mentions "tc" capability is documented in 
termcap(5). I think it needs to point to cexpandtc(3) instead. And that 
cexpandtc.3 added to the MLINKS for cgetcap.3.

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