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Re: termcap(5)

On Thu, 9 Feb 2012 09:23:52 -0600 (CST), Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
Typo on month.

Fixed, thanks.

Does vi, rogue and curses currently use termcap? (first sentence is

Technically yes they do.
Our libterminfo implementation supports termcap(3) and the termcap abilities it supports is described in terminfo(5).

Implies there is a termcap file. (Is there?)

No. Where is this implied?
rtadvd.conf(5) would imply that it should exist also, which it does not by default.
How would you suggest resolving this?

Also confusing is login.conf(5) refers to getcap(3) (which is
curses_termcap.3) which refers to termcap.5. It says all capabilities
are two letter codes but login.conf uses full words for capability

termcap codes are two letter. As this is just for the termcap format and not the codes I've removed that line.

I'd get rid of the long example and references to that example. And just
have simple examples for the few features.


New version attached.



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