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Re: Importing the apropos GSoC code and switching to mandoc(1) by default

On Sun, 05 Feb 2012, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
Attached is the patch to integrate this into base and hook it into
daily/weekly and the boot process. Old apropos/whatis can be obtained
for now by using MKMAKEMANDB=no.

This also fixes a bug found in to makemandb code when using it with
certain packages.

Thank you.  This seems to work pretty well.

Some nits:

It highlights search terms using escape sequences, which interacts
badly with pagers:

$ man -k man | less
man(1)  display the on-line manual pages aka man pages
...ESC[1mmanESC[0m pages for a specified section and name combination.
(Normally, only the first ESC[1mmanESC[0m page found is displayed.) C
Use the specified file instead of the default configuration file. This
permits users to configure their own ESC[1mmanESC[0m environment. See

The highlighting also does not pay attention to the terminal setting, so "TERM=hp2621 man -k man" prints ANSI escape sequences instead of HP escape sequences.

I'd suggest either not highlighting at all, or highlighting in a pager-compatible way by default, and highlighting using escape sequences only of the output is a tty or if requested via a command line option.

It prints more than a screenful of output by default. I'd suggest either printing only one line per result by default, or piping through a pager if the output is a tty.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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