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Re: What should go in dot files

> Again, no BLOCKSIZE in skel files. I have no idea about it. If you want to
> remove BLOCKSIZE from files in src/etc/root/, you should ask it to admin
> users in a separate thread.

The point isn't to remove BLOCKSIZE. I like it as it is, i.e. present and
set to 1k. What I ask is, *why is it set for root but not for anyone else?*
Now /that/ I call arbitrary and personal. What's the logic behind that? Other
users use du and df, too. You don't like default aliases, mighty fine. I do.
You say they are a matter of taste, I say they've been there for more than 15
years causing no-one any harm. There must be objective criteria to define
what is suitable for dot.{login,cshrc} and what isn't. There aren't. Now,
would you please kindly give a few argumented examples of do's and dont's, or
will you ask me again if I want BLOCKSIZE gone (just to reiterate: I don't)?

> Anyway environment variables often change misc command behaviors and they
> are documented in man pages, but sometimes it's hard to find necessary
> variable names.
Quite. Finding the syntax for the 'alias' builtin, or an example of 'alias'
using \!* (admittedly, this is only present in root's .cshrc), or figuring out
whether to use quotes around the aliased command takes about the same time.
So what's the difference again?

> If you are using skel files prepared by useradd(8)
I do.

> and really want to put certain changes
I'd rather they didn't change just because somebody didn't like something,
that's all.

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