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Re: Proposal for write(1) addition

> /dev/tty is a cloning device.  You open it and get a new pty master.

I sure hope /dev/tty was a typo, there.

> Not being able to reopen the master is design choice -- it avoids all
> the nasty race conditions that let to the creation of revoke.

Well, perhaps you know more about the motivations of those who created
revoke() than I do.  But it seems to me that revoke() is needed for
real-hardware tty lines anyway, and, once you have the mechanism to
forcibly take a process's tty away from it, there's no reason not to
use it for ptys as well - quite independently of whether you can reopen
the master.

As for it being a design choice - that's really got nothing to do with
it; you may note that none of what I wrote has anything to do with
whether inability to expose the master device in the filesystem was a
design choice or an accident of the implementation or what.

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