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Re: Proposal for write(1) addition

>> Um, note the wording: a _utmp-writing_ daemon.  This would be for
>> creating (and presumably cleaning up) utmp entries, not for
>> backending write(1).
> We don't want one or need a daemon; just use pututxline().

That's a bit like saying, we don't need a kernel, just use open().
This would be one possible implementation of pututxline() - a nice one,
in some respects.  (Less nice in others, of course.  This is not to say
that the existing NetBSD implementation of pututxline() is not also
nice in some respects.)

> We also don't need setuid to deal with ptys.  This is what ptyfs is
> for.

This sounds as though you just decreed that ptyfs is required to use
ptys (at least, by implication, for non-root, and, by context, if you
care about utmp entries).  Correct?

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