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Re: Proposal for write(1) addition

In article <20110917022007.402466df@adolfputzen>,
Julian Fagir  <> wrote:
>Not having an utmp entry usually only considers being currently online on
>that machine or not - and in turn leading to nobody being able to write you
>messages while you're offline. Imho also a great drawback of the current

Ok, consider me running script(1) then. Do you want to bother the script pty?

>Not having a utmp-entry is imho the wrong way of staying private - and in
>most cases it's not even possible. That's exactly what mesg is for. If you
>want to stay private, just take away permissions, that's the only way to go.

So you propose to go and change all programs that do this now, not just

Anyway, I fixed tmux to put utmp entries so that should not be an issue anymore.


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