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Re: Proposal for write(1) addition


> > With the patch, only the newest active terminal is used.
> Which would be the most obnoxius behaviour I can imagine.  That's
> where I'm working (most probably) not where I want noise from some
> random idiot who just learned the write command and wants to try it out.
But that's exactly the case without the patch: The most recent utmp-recorded
terminal will be used - and in most cases, that's the one which started the
tmux/screen session, thus writing *always* to your very current terminal.
I think you could not even prevent this when setting the inner terminal to
mesg n.

> > Not having a utmp-entry is imho the wrong way of staying private - and in
> > most cases it's not even possible.
> I haven't found such a case, just about everything (other than login itself)
> that has the ability to write in utmp has an option to prevent that, but
> almost none of them (perhaps absolutely none of them) have an option for ...
Does the ssh client have an option for that, or is it the sshd?

>   | That's exactly what mesg is for.
> and yes, that is the ideal way, but annoying difficult right now.
I would consider `mesg n` in a .shrc or whatever easier than figuring out how
to prevent your current login method from writing utmp records.

Regards, Julian

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