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Re: Moving rc.d scripts to base.tgz

If I understand you correctly, you say that everything in rc.d should have
every imaginable knob and a corresponding option in rc.conf (or whatever other
config file) so that users don't shoot themselves in the leg. I believe this
is quite contrary to the spirit of Unix. Nothing should stop you from shooting
yourself in the leg if for whatever reason you choose (consciously or not) to
take that risk.

Since you give an example with ls being standard and containing 'every option
they [most people] could possibly want', let me give you a counterexample.
Recently there have been at least three discussions about adding options to
cp. Would you add all of them and possibly everything else from GNU and
FreeBSD's ls because someone someday might want to use one of those options?
This reeks of bloat.

Best regards.

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