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Re: Moving rc.d scripts to base.tgz

On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 09:50:04PM +0000, David Holland wrote:

> Yes it is, really; the claim is that if the configuration support is
> adequate then the need to make custom changes should largely or
> entirely go away.

Read your own words.

>  > > No, because then you have to write shell script (or worse, hack
>  > > someone else's) to get the behavior you want.

You don't have to write shell script or hack someone else's if the
functionality is already provided and configurable.

You _can_ write shell script or hack someone else's for anything else.

Easy going for the standard stuff.
Instant flexibility for anything else.

> No, but it has plenty of other costs. And remember, nobody's
> suggesting that you can't have /etc/daily.local,

That's because turing-complete configuration is suddenly good? :)

> so you can do all the
> custom scripting you want; you just can't edit /usr/libexec/daily
> without going to the source tree and then typing 'make && make
> install'. Just like ls.
> Again, how about some examples of things where you want to edit
> /etc/daily?

I never edited /etc/daily (except for fixing a bug) but augmented
it in /etc/daily.local, but then this was about additional checks
and not about modifying standard checks.

I did edit rc scripts until it was possible to use a ".local"
overlay. It was possible because the modification can be handled
by hooking into the *cmd variables.

You see that I am not against standard scripts or simple configuration.
It is a good thing to have, but it is not the end.

> Yes indeed, but it also means that the range of possible
> configurations ceases to include a wide variety of non-sensible (which
> often includes broken, inoperable, erratic, failing mysteriously, see
> Windows for examples) configurations. This is a feature.

Do you intend to provide such non-sensible configurations? And why
should this be better when the scripts are modified in /usr/libexec
instead of in /etc ?

> Do you want to bring back starting the network and all daemons from
> /etc/rc.local? That gives much more flexibility than ifconfig.* and
> rc.conf, after all.

It doesn't and as written above, this is not about config options
vs. scripting. It is about not preventing scripting when necessary
(or just wanted).

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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