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Re: Autoconfiguring root device and fstab(5) (wedges?)

Jean-Yves Migeon writes:
- Well, this needs some work to be userfriendly... BTW, an equivalent to
- dkscan_bsdlabel but oriented towards GPT would be a plus in my
- opinion... dkscan_gpt?

Should be achievable as a small shell script to merge the output
of ``gpt show'' and ``gpt show -l'' and then peel out the
partition labels (from ``gpt show -l'') and the partition types
(from ``gpt show''.)  (a small addition to gpt(8) would allow
those outputs to be combined.)

I've got it about half worked out, I'll have a shot at finishing
after dinner..

Eric Schnoebelen       
  ... software is largely a service industry operating under the persistent 
but unfounded delusion that it is a manufacturing industry. -- Eric S. Raymond

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