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Re: ctype, chrtbl, rune tables and POSIX2008

In article <>,
Joerg Sonnenberger  <> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm looking into adding at least part of the POSIX2008 locale support
>and wondering about a bunch of legacy support in libc and the rest.
>Is anyone still using chrtbl(8) and resulting locale files? Searching
>for BSDCTYPE in /usr/share/locale answers the second question. I'm not
>sure which NetBSD versions actually used the BSDCTYPE format. NetBSD 1.6
>uses the rune format already. NetBSD 1.5 doesn't include any files in
>that format either. This looks to me like there is no good reason for
>keeping it.

Nuke it.

>Are there objections against making the runetype classification macros
>actually part of the public API for ctype.h? The current _ctype_ would
>still be kept for legacy purposes, but anything else could just use a
>new _runctype_ pointer going directly to the corresponding runetype
>table. New APIs like the POSIX2008 locale support wouldn't have to care
>about it.

Are you planning to add all the _l functions too?


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