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ctype, chrtbl, rune tables and POSIX2008

Hi all,
I'm looking into adding at least part of the POSIX2008 locale support
and wondering about a bunch of legacy support in libc and the rest.

Is anyone still using chrtbl(8) and resulting locale files? Searching
for BSDCTYPE in /usr/share/locale answers the second question. I'm not
sure which NetBSD versions actually used the BSDCTYPE format. NetBSD 1.6
uses the rune format already. NetBSD 1.5 doesn't include any files in
that format either. This looks to me like there is no good reason for
keeping it.

Are there objections against making the runetype classification macros
actually part of the public API for ctype.h? The current _ctype_ would
still be kept for legacy purposes, but anything else could just use a
new _runctype_ pointer going directly to the corresponding runetype
table. New APIs like the POSIX2008 locale support wouldn't have to care
about it.


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