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Re: quota functions in libutil

In article <>,
Manuel Bouyer  <> wrote:
>I've been pointed out that netatalk also needs to access quotas,
>and need to be adapted to quota2.
>I'm wondering if some functions should be added to a library for this.
>I'm thinking, for now:
>getvfsquota() which does a quotactl() for MNT_QUOTA filesystems
>getnfsquota() for NFS
>getfsquota() which calls one or the other of the above, depending on the
>fs type
>and some functions actually in ufs/quota2_prop.c
>Doing so in libutil would add dependancies to libprop and librpcsvc in libutil,
>so I guess it's not acceptable. Is it time for a libquota ?

If it was not for the dependencies, I would say put it in libutil. I think
because of the utilities it is better to have libquota. I was actually thinking
about putting all the quota programs in a quota subdir in /usr/src/usr.bin
so we don't have to hunt around for them.


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