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Exporting window(1) for pkgsrc integration


In preparation for the import of tmux into the base system, I have
first to add window(1) to pkgsrc and I am wondering what the best way
to do this would be.  (Note that window(1) shall remain in the base
system until netbsd-6 is branched.)

My current idea is to:

1) Tag src/usr.bin/window with something like window-YYYYMMDD.
2) cvs export the directory using this tag.
3) Create a window-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz distfile and put it in nbftp.
4) Create a pkgsrc package using this distfile and restrict it to
OPSYS==NetBSD.  (I don't want to go over the creation of an
automake/autoconf setup for this.)
5) Eventually, when window is removed from src, move the code to
othersrc and generate the distfiles from there using the same scheme
as above.  At this point, if someone feels like it, they can add
autotools support.

The goals of the above approach are to keep things as simple as
possible and to avoid having two copies of the source code at any
point in time.

Does this sound reasonable?


Julio Merino / @jmmv

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